What is SpaceUp?

What is SpaceUp?

SpaceUp Mexico is an event where you will have the unique opportunity to meet like-minded people and discuss topics related to human spaceflight, space exploration, satellites, space tourism and more. This event is open to ANYONE interested in space!   It is important you understand that this is an  “unconference”, also known as user-generated conference, which means that you will be deciding what we talk and you will shape the discussions during this unconference. There are no spectators at SpaceUp, only participants. You will be expected to give a demo, present a talk or participate in a panel.

Do you know how a formal conference is? We took all the best parts, and made it more relax!!! We will have coffee break discussions, networking and creative ideas.

We will also have for you some amazing speakers that are coming specially to share with you their experiences on human spaceflight, space science, space engineering, rocket science, satellite engineering, and much more!

Any topic can be presented as long as it satisfies the following conditions:

  • it’s about Space
  • it’s in English
  • it’s within the time frame (5 – 15 – 30 min)




*Pictures taken from past spaceup events