How does it work?

How does it work?

SpaceUp unconferences have a very unique way of working, so it is very important that you stick to the format so everyone can participate.

  • T-5 talks are ignite-format talks. If you want to give a presentation with slides, this is the format for you: each speaker gets 5 minutes to talk, with 20 slides that rotate automatically every 15 seconds.
  • “60 seconds to land” – 1 minute video talks.
  • Session Grids are each 15-20 minutes long. Many sessions go on at the same time in different rooms, participants just have to choose the one they’re most interested in.

If you don’t have time to prepare anything before you go to SpaceUp, don’t worry. Just be there in time for the opening session and you’ll have plenty to do and contribute. If you want to prepare a talk beforehand—and it isn’t T-5 talk (see above)—write it up as a set of notes or questions instead of a formal PowerPoint presentation. Do bring props, posters, diagrams, or demonstration equipment if you have it.

If you have a panel idea, definitely talk to other attendees you know and get them involved. The more people you have on your panel when you propose it, the more attractive it will be to other attendees.

There will be a board with all the available sessions listed on it. The Session Grid starts out empty at the beginning of SpaceUp. Sessions are proposed by writing a synopsis on a post-it and sticking it in one of the free slots on the grid. No particular format is required for Session Grids. They can be a presentation with Q&A, a demo, a panel of experts, a round table, a debate on an open question or whatever you prefer.